Price to Cash-Flow of DuPont de Nemours

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Price to Cash-Flow analysis of DuPont de Nemours


 Price USD  72.16
 Cahs-flow per share USD  6.33
 Capitalization (mn) USD  54,022
 Free Cash-flow (mn) USD  4,741
 P/CF ratio 11.40
 DuPont de Nemours dividend
 DuPont de Nemours Price to book Value
 DuPont de Nemours Price to earnings
 DuPont de Nemours Return on Equity

DuPont de Nemours is a Basic Materials industry firm, which concentrates their activity in the Chemicals sector. DuPont de Nemours headquarters are in USA, where the firm is listed.

At the time of this analysis, DuPont de Nemours stocks were trading at a price of 72.16 USD after collapsing their price by -26.30% last twelve months.

Based on the figure below, DuPont de Nemours P/CF ratio is 11.40, which is lower than the amount offered by firms from USA, but bigger than Chemicals companies. Although P/CF is lower than other companies from their country, this arguement is not enough to asume the stock is cheap because it is not lower than their industry average. Further study of DuPont de Nemours financial data is needed to know if it is overvalued or not.

Finally, you could draw a comparisson DuPont de Nemours P/CF with other Chemicals companies or firms from USA.

DuPont de Nemours price to earnings

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