Price to Cash-Flow of Daiichi Sankyo

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Price to Cash-Flow analysis of Daiichi Sankyo


 Price JPY  7,382.00
 Cahs-flow per share JPY  303.79
 Capitalization (mn) JPY  4,685,132
 Free Cash-flow (mn) JPY  196,856
 P/CF ratio 24.30
 Daiichi Sankyo dividend
 Daiichi Sankyo Price to book Value
 Daiichi Sankyo Price to earnings
 Daiichi Sankyo Return on Equity

Daiichi Sankyo is a Health Care industry firm, which concentrates their activity in the Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology sector. Daiichi Sankyo headquarters are in Japan, where the firm is listed.

At the time of this analysis, Daiichi Sankyo stocks were trading at a price of 7,382.00 JPY after hiking a 34.70% last twelve months.

According to the chart displayed below, Daiichi Sankyo Price to Cash-flow Ratio is 24.30, bigger than the amount offered by both firms from Japan and fromPharmaceuticals and Biotechnology sector. This high P/CF might be a sign of a overvalued company, but also a healthy sign because the market expects growing cash-inflows (or a reduction in cash-outflows) in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to study Daiichi Sankyo financial situation to reach a conclussion.

Finally, you could draw a comparisson Daiichi Sankyo P/CF with other Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology companies or firms from Japan.

Daiichi Sankyo price to earnings

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